Customer Focused Service Perception

DANIS, in order to establish long-term and stable relationships with every company that it works with, targets to fulfill, in the most accurate way, its customer needs, not only with the products it sells but also with the services it offers.

DANIS, defines its services as three-phased:

Before Sale and/or Delivery of Goods:

• Preparation of lay-out plans in conformity with the construction plans of laundry (the plan samples are showed below)
• Preparation of plans of water channels, electricity and steam installation of the laundry
• If required, consultancy service for management in every step of laundry project

Along with the Delivery of Goods:

• Training of the operators team who will use the machines, after the machines are runned in the customer’s plant, by DANIS technicians.
• If required, delivery of several spare parts to the customer along with the machines
• Delivery of user manuals, maintenance guides and warranty certificates of the products

After Sale

• When needed, visits of expertised team of local technical service to the customer’s plant
• Providing any required spare parts in a fast and easy manner
• If demanded, preparation of washing recipes and consultancy for different washing methods
• The regular visits of DANIS sales team in order to predetermine any types of need in the customer’s plant

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