DCN 028 - Sample Washing Machine

DCN 028 Sample washing and dyeing machine is designed to achieve best results in sample washing of various textile garments. 

It reaches the highest efficiency, in any preferred washing type, due to its inverter controlled, reduction gear driven motor, and special power transmission system. It works in any desired speed, in range of 1-30 r.p.m. and makes extraction at 350 rpm. 

This machine of "front loading" type, manufactured with AISI 316L quality stainless steel, has a capacity of 30 Kgs normal washing, 15 Kgs stone and chemical washing and 10 Kgs dyeing. This machine is operated under the control of electronic panel as well as manual control system, which allow managing and controlling all functions both automatically and manually. 

Optional Equipments:

• Chemical Tanks (2 Large and 1 Small Tanks) and Pump For Dyeing Operation 
• Chemical Tank For Washing Operation
• Drum Separator For Dyeing Operation
• Rotating Door

More pictures:

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