DMS 330 - Dyeing Machine

DMS 330 Dyeing machine had a special designed drum, due to that desing. The vvater which is staying betvveen the inner drum and outher drum, injected to the inner drum with a special pomp and door sprey unit. Machine saves %50 from vvater consuption, chemical comsuption, enerygy and time consuption. This machine of "front loading" type, manufactured vvith AISI standarts diffrent quality stainless steels, has a capacity of dyeing different kinds of garments from 30 Kg to 350 Kg. MK 550 is operated automatically under the control of PLC, vvhich allovvs managing and controlling of ali functions and gives possibility to store up to 99 recipes. ?t vvorks in any desired speed, for dyeing processes, in range of 10-100 r.p.m.

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