D-2223 - Centrifugal Hydro-extractor

D-2223 is designed full-automatic for extraction of garments at high performance with minimum consumption of energy and time. 

The machine can extract 250 Kg of wet garments in 10 minutes. Adjusting of time is made electronically with an invertor. The speed of operation is adjustable in range of 10-1000 r.p.m. 

The extraction process runs automatically and the speed increases gradually under the control of invertor in order to keep the energy consumption at the minimum level. The brake system is electronically controlled. 

This machine is manufactured with AISI 316L quality stainless steel with a thickness of 8mm. The motor of rotating inner drum, is mounted to the center of the machine with the purpose of avoiding the vibration at the speed of 1.000 rpm. 

The loading and unloading of the garments is recommended to be made with a crane system while using the second basket and a trolley which are provided free of charge with the machine. Opening and closing of the door is operated automatically. 

Optional Equipments:

• Fiber-glass Door 
• Air Conditioner For Cooling the Electrical Panel

More pictures:

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