D-2214 - Sample Steam Dryer

D-2214 Steam dryer is designed to achieve best results in drying process with various fabric types with minimum consumption of steam, energy and time 

This machine of "front loading" type, manufactured with AISI 316L quality stainless steel, has a capacity of drying different kinds of garments of 35 Kg in 30 minutes. The operating system of this machine is manually controlled. 

The drying process of the garments is successfully and rapidly completed with highest efficiency, due to a group of heaters produced of 300 winged pipes of ½” inch, and mounted inside the body, in a way preventing the parts of the heater to overflow to the outside surface of the machine. The double-plastered body of the dryer prevents the loss of heat. 

The loading and unloading of garments are made through the glass door placed on the front side. The thermometer and start & stop buttons are mounted on the front side of the machine. A special filter keeping all kinds of dirt, is placed under the machine. Beside this, the fan of dryer operates very silently and at high power. 

Optional Equipments:

• Electronical Control Panel
• Humidity Controller 
• Touch Screen and PLC
• Inverter 
• Air Conditioner For Cooling The Electrical Panel

More pictures:

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