D-2217 - Gas Dryer

D-2217 Gas dryer is designed to achieve the perfect results in drying process with various fabric types with minimum consumption of gas, energy and time. 

This machine of "front loading" type, manufactured with AISI 316L quality stainless steel in order to protect the clothing from damages during operation, has a capacity of 180 kg/hour. for drying different kinds of garments 

The drying process of the garments is successfully and rapidly completed with the highest efficiency, through its special gas unit and fan system. The burner of this dryer, which is very safe, is produced for the aim of obtaining high amount of energy with the low cost. The operating system is automatic and controlled by an electrical control panel. The drum can move to both left and right directions in order to shorten the drying period of garments. 

A special filter collecting dust during the operation is mounted under the machine. 

Drying System of the Machine:
Due to 90 gas nipples produced of stainless steel placed on the upper part of the machine, the temperature inside the machine can reach to maximum 120 C when required, with minimum gas consumption and in a very safe way. This machine is able to dry 180 kg of garments in 60 minutes. 

Operation of the Machine:
This machine works full automatically due to the control panel which is in front of the machine, i.e. the timing, temperature, firing and cutting the gas are regulated automatically. The safety regulations, turning to right and left of the drum and the other automatic regulations are done from the control panel. The working conditions of the machine are seen on the screen of the panel. This system is designed as user-friendly and safety caring.

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