D-2219 - Steam Dryer

D-2219 steam drieris designed to achieve the perfect results in drying process with various fabric types vvith minimum consumption of steam, energy and time.

This machine of "front loading" type, manufactured vvith AISI 316L quality stainless Steel, has a capacity of drying different kinds of garments.

The drying process of the garments is successfully and rapidly completed vvith the best efficiency, vvith tvvo separate heat exchangers produced of 650 vvinged pipes of 1/2" each side. The machine has 2 pneumatically controlled fresh air flaps, operating automatically, for the processes of cooling and softening the dried garments. The operating system of this machine is automatic, under the controi of the electrical controi panel.

Aspecial fi ?ter keeping ali kind of dirt, is mounted under the machine. This machine has a system providing the machine to tilt forvvard hydraulically for the easy unloading.

Optional Equipments:

• Humidity Controller 
• Touch Screen and PLC
• Inverter 
• Air Conditioner For Cooling The Electrical Panel

More pictures:

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