D-2222 - Centrifugal Hydro-extractor

D-2222 is designed for extraction of garments at high performance with minimum consumption of energy and time. 

This machine manufactured with AISI 316L quality stainless steel, has a full automatic operating system. It can extract 90 Kg of wet garments in 4 minutes with its motor that can rotate at 1350 rpm. This centrifugal extractor has a self-balanced drum, which is not stabilized and supported with a free-balancing system in order to avoid vibration and noise at 1350 r.p.m. To prevent overloading in accelerating phase, a special mechanical system is developed between the motor and the drum. Opening and closing of the door is operated automatically. 

Optional Equipments:

•Air Conditioner For Cooling The Electrical Panel

More pictures:

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