Since 1979...

DANIS was founded in Istanbul in 1979. In the period when its production has newly started, it produced machinery for some other sectors. Then, it canalized to the field of laundry machinery production which is today its area of expertise and became the first company which produced this kind of machinery in Turkey.

DANIS, as a company which has serious experience in the field of laundry machinery; due to its continuous production of good quality and long-lasting products ,has been leading the competition for many years in Turkey.

Export business which started in early 90’s, has now reached at substantial amount. Nowadays, DANIS products have high brand awareness in most of the textile and garment production markets in the world and its products are highly demanded.

Since its foundation, DANIS has the principles of quality, stability, innovation and customer-oriented service. These will carry on attracting attention, in the machinery sector and DANIS will continue its successful business in the future as it is today..

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