CN 8211 - Trolley Denim Drying Oven

CN 8211 Trolley Denim Drying Oven, made from sandvvich type disassembled panels. As a insulation used 60 kg / m3 of rock wool and glass vvool betvveen panels.

Selectively vvarming unit according to the type of furnace is mounted on the rear portion of the furnace. If preferably gas or fuel the vvarming unit is made from stainless Steel. The combustion chamber is kept separate in the öven, the öven in any way, flame, soot, dirt, ete. are not and does not occur on the track pants. Requested the inside of the öven evenly distributes the hot air duet and diseharge grilles are available. Öven can easily use the normal ground and the content of the channels in the öven on the ground floor trolleys are given the opportunity to enter easily. Öven in the first run to the desired temperature (160° average C) 25 - are vvithin 30 minutes reach.

3° C maximum temperature in every corner of the öven and set temperature changes automatically when the temperature reaches the temperature of the öven by entering a fixed amount limiting circuit. Thus, obtaining optimum vvorking conditions in the furnace.

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