CN 8210 U-turn Automatic jeans drying oven

CN 8210 U-turn Automatic jeans drying oven,according to the layout plan and to work flovv "U-Turn" or "Tunnel Type" is selected. Ovens thermoblocks (vvarming unit) is manufactured as a separate part on the side of the furnace. Under favour of modulating gas brulors used in thermo block unit consumes minimal energy in the system.

Heating unit made from stainless Steel, allovvs smooth fuctioning for many years.The ductvvorks of öven at the floor sides. To be passed through each point of the öven conveyor hanging pants, does not occur difference betvveen trousers. The measurements taken from different points in the furnace is transferred to the control panel. The control panel taking the average of these temperatures than activates the brulor or off. At the same time this temperature is displayed digitally on the control panel screen so that the operator can observe the temperature at each point of the furnace. The transmission line used in the system with "Cardan shaft" of conveyor system is designed specifically. Bearings moving on conveyor easily work and pants vine spacing is 400 mm.

Conveyor "Drive System" of the type of low-speed direct current motor and reducer. Chain moving in the conveyor system provides the frequency setting device is set at different speeds.Speed setting on the conveyor can be made betvveen 0.5m - 3 m / min. Thus, annealing time can be adjusted moving pants of inside.

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